Professional Association of Travel Hosts, Inc

Membership Requirements


  • Must be the direct owner of a valid ARC, IATA, CLIA TRUE, Travelsellers or TSI number and be in good standing.
  • Minimum 25 Independent Contractor Agents/Affiliates under written contract.
  • A minimum of 75% of the hosts agents must sell and transact travel, and not refer travel customers to the host.
  • Has a minimum of three years in Travel operating substantially, as defined in best practices, as a “Host” Agency.
  • Its primary source of income is from the sale of travel.
  • Separates its Host Agency operation from its retail travel sales of unrelated products, physically or by name.
  • Must not market their service emphasis on Travel Agent discounts and benefits.
  • Must not market their services as part of a consumer recruitment process with benefits resembling a “pyramid” scheme.
  • Does not recruit referral agents as part of a program to reward or encourage referral agents to recruit other agents. A one time payment as a referral fee is excluded from this criteria.
  • Carries a minimum of $1,000,000 in E & O Insurance or self insurance and must provide proof of coverage.
  • Each member must have a written contract between the Host Agency and its Independent Contractor Agent.
  • Each member is committed to paying its Independent Contractor commissions based on its stated policy and does not have unresolved Independent Contractor complaints.
  • Each member must adhere to the organization’s “Code of Ethics” and performance standards as well as adhering and promoting the “Principles of Travel Professional Ethics” to its Independent Travel Agents.
  • Must be legally licensed and bonded in all jurisdictions in which it does business and be able to show proof.
  • Must certify that there are no pending Travel industry lawsuits concerning the payment of agent commissions and/or fraudulent practices.
  • Must report any suspected activities of misleading consumers or Travel Agents to the PATH Board of Directors.
  • Must not promote or endorse any Travel Agent photo ID card except for IATAN, TRUE, and CLIA.
  • Subject to an annual renewal background review and show proof of E&O and/or Self Insurance.
  • Provides support to its affiliates in the areas of training, marketing and technology, either in-house or via 3rd party suppliers or consortia.
  • Membership acceptance is contingent upon a majority vote by the Board of Directors after a review of the application and background and credit check.